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Senseless Acts of Violence

The United States has condemned the violence in Iraq that has left more than 200 people dead.

Please enjoy the following images of the violence in Iraq

that has left more than 200,000 people dead since it started.

The White House is calling the car bomb attacks in the Shiite Sadr City area of Baghdad “senseless acts of violence”.

Please enjoy the following images of the results of senseless acts of violence which were not committed by Iraqis.

The closest actual thing to senseless violence is to invade a country on the “bureacratic” basis of WMD which did not exist,

The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason,” [Deputy Defense Secretary] Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in a Pentagon transcript of an interview with Vanity Fair.

because you were always going to and so you pretend that the country you intend to invade had something to do with 9/11 - which it didn’t - supposedly to create a democracy - which you have not - to bring freedom - which you have not - to stop the torture - which is now worse than before the invasion. But the most senseless violence of all is to “shock and awe” a country into bloody rubble, a nightmare of broken minds and shattered bodies - a country which had almost nothing to do with terrorism - and thereby divert your attention and resources from the real causes and bases of terrorism which are, of course, elsewhere.

The civil violence in Iraq is not senseless, at least not to the perpetrators. It sure makes sense to them to kill, torture and terrorise each other. It’s the way they think they can get political power in their sewer of a country, and it makes sense because one of the barbaric groups will succeed. It sure makes sense to the insurgents to kill coalition soldiers in an attempt to drive them out.

And let’s not forget that the conditions that ensured all this violence were created and fostered by the “Glorious Coalition of the Willing”.

Mr Annan says

“the attacks cannot be justified and are clearly aimed at undermining national unity.” there anyone at home? Of course they’re bloody aimed at undermining national unity. If only there was any. They’re actually aimed at ensuring disunity. And of course the attacks can be justified by the barabarians - disunity is exactly what they want.

These high-paid wankers sitting in leather easy chairs in high-priced Italian suits in airconditioned offices with expensive views should take a good long hard look at themselves. How fatuous of them to call for “restraint” or to “deplore” or “condemn”! What the fuck difference do they think their fatuous platitudes, their meaningless mouthings from the safety and comfort of their ivory towers are really going to make on the ground in Iraq? Why even bother? Why don’t they bloody-well DO SOMETHING meaningful?

Imagine this:

Bloodthirsty, merciless, fired up religious fanatics are sitting around, wiping the blood from their scimitars and their teeth, congratulating each other on their latest carnage in the name of the Prophet (peace be with him! and god is great and that), and someone says, “Er, I was reading the paper today and it says Kofi Annan and George Bush and John Howard and Tony Blair have all said what we’re doing is unjustified and senseless. They say they deplore it and condemn it and we should be restrained and calm.” And all the other bloodthirsty buggers look stunned and say, “Oh dear, I didn’t realise they had said that, or that we had upset them so much! We must do as they say and show restraint. Let us go about our ways in peace and return to our villages and wait for words of wisdom from the infidel so that we may know what to do next.”

You can’t imagine that? Why not? Apparently world “leaders” can.

No I guess they can’t. They are merely playing to their own constituencies. Trouble is, their constituencies don’t believe them any more and don’t trust them any more. Their constituencies know they are liars, frauds, impostors and hypocrites. And they suspect that it is worse than that. They suspect they are criminals and sociopaths and psychopaths and pathological liars.

And many of them want them to be tried as war criminals.

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