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Who Hates Core Australian Values?

An Australian, David Hicks, has been held without trial in American custody, mostly in Guantanamo, for five years. Although he has sought and gained British citizenship, that has been appealed against by the British Government which insisted all of its nationals be released from Guantanamo years ago, presumably because they could see that the process was unfair, unjust and probably illegal and contrary to international treaties like the Geneva Convention. Although Australian PM, John Howard, for some reason wants his own nationals to be tried by this kangaroo court, it has now become exasperating and politically embarrassing for Howard who, shortly before meeting Bush at the APEC forum in Vietnam today, said

…we want this thing disposed of as quickly as possible.

In Australia, for most purposes, the justice system relies on the presumption of innocence. It is a foundation value for Australians that a person is innocent until proved guilty. The onus of proof is on the State, or the plaintiff. It is one of our core values that David Hicks is innocent until proved guilty in a properly constituted court of law. Hicks can hardly hope for that. Nevertheless, Howard has repeatedly stated that Hicks is guilty of terrorism and that he has admitted as much:

If he’s brought back to Australia he can’t be effectively charged, because the crimes that he committed were not, according to Australian law, crimes at the time he committed them.

It was not a crime back in 2001 to do as he admitted he did, and that is train with al-Qaeda and rejoin al-Qaeda even after the terrorist attacks on the 11th of September.

Howard has repeatedly relied on such presumption of Hicks’s guilt, contrary to our core Australian values, to justify his cold, dead, claw-of-death, lifeless, life-hating, callous policies.

There is no irony intended in his remarks, even though any admissions reportedly made by Hicks could only have been communicated to Howard by the US Government which is a notoriously torturing regime and it is well-attested that admissions gained under torture are entirely unreliable.

(He also admits that “he had backed the military commission process because he had legal advice that it was valid. He says he accepts the Supreme Court’s ruling that it’s not.”

His “legal advice”, you might think, consisted of a few seconds in conversation with his mate in mutual military masturbation. “Are these Military Commissions kosher, George?” “Why, of course they are, ma little buddy! Could you just give it another little suck? Mmmm.”

You can always get agreeable legal advice if you choose from amongst the ignorant or sycophantic.

But it is Howard’s representation of the human, David Hicks, and his human plight as “this thing”, and the resolution of the humanitarian issue as “disposal”, which is most vomitous. Howard is a sociopath, like his disciple, Ruddock. He is completely unable to grasp the concept of feeling for other people. There is an important part of his brain that is not functioning.

What is a sociopath? In a study, a child rapist/murderer was asked, “but how do you think the little girl felt while you were being so brutal to her.” His answer was, “Oh, she felt sort of soft.”

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