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“What Bush Needs is a Therapist”

Golly Gee Willikers, the media should get some perspective. Iraq looks peaceful from space.

Get Up!

GetUp is “an independent political movement to build a progressive Australia”.
Its members (and friends) want action on serious issues. If you want to talk about real Australian Values, this is where they are. A Fair Go, an independent spirit, a willingness to take action when it is needed, the courage to stand up for what […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Everybody is looking with a mixture of confidence and apprehension to the “statesmen” of the various peoples, ready to heap all praise on them if they “succeed in avoiding a war,” and ignoring the fact that it is only these very statesmen who ever cause a war

Senseless Acts of Violence

These high-paid wankers sitting in leather easy chairs in high-priced Italian suits in airconditioned offices with expensive views should take a good long hard look at themselves.

It’s not “hunger”, it’s just “very low food security”

Just because people have nothing to eat doesn’t necessarily mean they experience the physical symptoms of hunger.

Who Hates Core Australian Values?

His “legal advice”, you might think, consisted of a few seconds in conversation with his mate in mutual military masturbation.

Sexy New Trend

It seems an exciting new trend has emerged in British political discourse.

George Bush Fails to Cast Dispersion

George it’s pretty clear who are the ideologues who are totalitarian and kill to achieve an objective without conscience. But who are the “moderate people”?