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“What Bush Needs is a Therapist”

From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

What Rumsfeld Needs is a Trial for War Crimes
Golly Gee Willikers, the media should get some perspective. Iraq looks peaceful from space.

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Get Up!

GetUp is “an independent political movement to build a progressive Australia”.

Its members (and friends) want action on serious issues. If you want to talk about real Australian Values, this is where they are. A Fair Go, an independent spirit, a willingness to take action when it is needed, the courage to stand up for what you believe. That’s Australian.

At the same time the Howard Government’s values seem to be “wait and see”. “Wait and see” whether Read more »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Picture this:

Uncle Sam lies on the analyst’s couch. The analyst, his notebook on his crossed legs, is saying, “You’re completely normal - if only the rest of us were as sane as you.” Meanwhile, the analyst is surrounded by three flak-jacketed commandos with their assault trifles trained at his head.

What’s wrong with this picture? Uncle Sam would never admit any misgivings about his sanity, is what.

Erich Fromm MD said it 51 years ago, and it’s probably even more relevant today: Read more »

Senseless Acts of Violence

The United States has condemned the violence in Iraq that has left more than 200 people dead.

Please enjoy the following images of the violence in Iraq

that has left more than 200,000 people dead since it started.

The White House is calling the car bomb attacks in the Shiite Sadr City area of Baghdad “senseless acts of violence”.

Please enjoy the following images of the results of senseless acts of violence Read more »

It’s not “hunger”, it’s just “very low food security”

The U.S. government has vowed that Americans will never be hungry again. But they may experience “very low food security.”

“Americans won’t be hungry any more because we’ll change the definition. But that’s not all. Hunger is too easy a concept to grasp. We’ll make our new definition something so Read more »

Who Hates Core Australian Values?

An Australian, David Hicks, has been held without trial in American custody, mostly in Guantanamo, for five years. Although he has sought and gained British citizenship, that has been appealed against by the British Government which insisted Read more »

Sexy New Trend

It seems an exciting new trend has emerged in British political discourse. A leading politician makes a frank admission which is immediately denied by their spokesperson.

[T]he prime minister agreed with the veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost when he suggested that intervention had “so far been pretty much of a disaster”.

Mr Blair said: “It has, but you see, what I say to people is, ‘why is it Read more »

George Bush Fails to Cast Dispersion

I just wonder if George W misheard George H W when his Dad told him he should get himself an occupation.

He didn’t mean you should go and occupy another country, George!

Recently George W Bush met with a number of “sympathetic” “journalists” in the oval office. The discussion was wide-ranging but not always clear, so I have unpacked it here for you, with occasional tidbits of Read more »